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Sep 192015
Stevie Ray - AGMCH Runablaze Warrior Princess, CGN (2004-2015)

Stevie Ray – AGMCH Runablaze Warrior Princess, CGN (January 18, 2004- September 8, 2015) It is with the deepest sadness imaginable that I have to tell you all that Stevie Ray is gone now. Shortly after 11 AM Tuesday, September 8 2015,  I said goodbye peacefully and with all my love :'( Stevie Ray’s Gallery On Tuesday, September 1st, Stevie Ray showed up for bedtime with a swollen belly that sent shivers through me. Since then we established that there is no [More…]

Sep 192015
Dog Dylan (January 8, 2001 - March 28, 2015)

Previously posted on Rest in Peace Dog Dylan: January 8, 2001 – march 28, 2015! Dylan was a fighter! She fought for her life! She fought to be happy! And as long as she had fresh air, friends and a bowl full of great food; she was happy! People were not always in her corner, but from day one I have been in her corner! I have always cared for her, I have fought both with her and for her for [More…]

Jun 202015
Stevie Ray; Spinal Injury and the Value of Great Veterinary Care

Yesterday was what I would call a terrifying day for someone such as myself who loves their dogs, in this case Stevie Ray, as much as they love any person in their life. And this does not mean that I think of my dogs like they are people. Just to be clear; I know they are not people nor children and when I call them my kids, I am not confused by what and who they are. They are dogs and that [More…]

Mar 192015
Dog Dylan Today, March 19 2015, 4 years with IMHA!

Four years and six attacks later (diagnosed March 19, 2011), Dylan at the age of 14 is still hanging in there and loving life. I have learned a lot about treating her IMHA attacks quickly and efficiently, with the least impact on her possible. And I have learned a great deal about preventing them and what I believe is the cause of her attacks. Since January 8, 2014 Dylan has been free from medication. She has been isolated in my back yard [More…]

Jan 272014
The Hardest Part of Winning is Creating a Winning Environment.

Preparation to compete and to perform at your best is not something that comes easy to most people. Creating a perfect environment internally (mentally and physically) and externally (the antecedent conditions) no matter where you are and no matter what happens before or during your performance, should be your goal and something you train and work at in order to perfect the process for those critical times where precision and perfection matter. The ability to keep your focus and your confidence no [More…]

Jan 272014
Canine Behavior and Our Expectations

I tend to be pretty precise in the behavior I look for when training my dogs. I use a high frequency reward rate, higher than anyone I know or see on a regular basis. I am always looking to shape behavior with success. When training agility obstacles, or concepts such as commitment, convergence, distance, direction, effort to get to obstacles, etc; my expectations are completely based on what I see while I am training and the actual results I get during the [More…]

Jan 262014
Canine Relationship and a Concept Called Respect!

A simple way to start this post is to say that I think those that believe alpha dominance is required for the role of being a canine guardian are completely out of touch with dogs. There is no question in my mind that the quality of the relationship and respect you show to your dog and the respect they have for you based on your past behavior and their experience with you means everything in your ability to get the most from [More…]

Apr 212012
Calming Jimmi Part 2: Why Calm Reassurance and Support are Critical Skills for Canine Guardians

The value of being able to calm my anxious dog Jimmi, was far more important last Saturday than it was a few weeks ago during our dog agility trial in Kelowna. That was a voluntary exposure to stress; at least it was my choice to put that pressure on her and a very good reason to know the result of that pressure and to help her deal with it as part of my responsibility. In this case; however, it seems she had [More…]

Apr 102012
Bullseye Performance - Calming Jimmi

After 2 days in a strange city, living in a strange house and playing in a strange yard with all kinds of wonderful new farm animals to see and also playing agility in a new barn on equipment she has never seen led Jimmi to be a tad excited on day 2 of our first CKC trial (2nd trial in total).  Jimmi was vibrating; literally shaking with excitement when I took her out for our last run of a 2-day trial weekend. [More…]

Mar 222012
Dealing with Ring Stress in Dog Agility for Bullseye Performance

One of the most common problems I see with all dogs in general and certainly many who compete in dog sports is the lack of skills to deal with stress and the lack of ability in people to recognize and understand their dog’s reaction to stress. I am not sure if they have ever thought about what it is like for their dogs going from a practice with familiar dogs and familiar faces and zero traffic to a dog agility trial. I [More…]