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Jul 292011
Dick's Dog House - New Feature

What is Dick’s Dog House? Even in what might be perceived as the negativity of this corner of my world; my dog house will be presented with a positive spin and always with a potential way out. This is not a bad place, ever.  My dog house is a safe place.  A place to think and be relaxed.  It is a place to make a good choice.  A good choice on what behavior is best.  A place to be comfortable.  This is [More…]

Jul 242011
Bullseye Dog Lover's Hall of Fame

So another addition to the Bullseye View is the Bullseye Dog Lover’s Hall of Fame. First class of inductees are: Amy Kuether, Anna Lupacchino, Dr. Jean Dodds. These are the ones I know for sure how they feel and how far they will go for their dog and anyone’s dog. Since March 19 2011, this is what my life has been about. I know there are many more of you. Some of you I may already know and I may know some [More…]

Jul 232011
Dog Dylan Today - July 23, 2011

So what a great day!  Big smiles as we see a clear day, sunshine and no sign of AIHA! Today I sat outside enjoying a rare day of sunshine hanging out in my yard with my beautiful canine family. My dogs have had some exercise, except for Dylan who has only been out for a bit to say hello to our neighbors.  They all love the sun, but Dylan is more of an afternoon girl. She rarely goes out before 8 AM, [More…]

Jul 232011
Bullseye View: Update July 23, 2011

Today, the concept of Bullseye View has been updated.  I now see Bullseye View as an information magazine, in addition to providing personal content on canine care, relationship, behavior and performance. It is my intention to feature additional authors providing additional content directed at the well being of our most beloved canine companions. It was always intended that Bullseye Performance would provide links and interviews to additional trainers, so this is not a completely new idea, just a broadening of that idea.

Jul 192011
Hello and Welcome!

Hi, and Welcome to Bullseye View! This is a place intended for the benefit of our dogs.  It is a place of responsible dog ownership and canine guardianship.  It contains basic information for all dog owners as well as detailed information for learning and higher knowledge in canine care, training and performance.  It is intended to contain stories and case studies as well. I am certain it will contain both fact and opinion, hopefully all of which will be clearly identified.  Although [More…]