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Oct 102011
Please Ensure Public Safety with Responsible Dog Ownership - BSL Does Not Work!

Public safety is protected when all dog bites and all vicious dog attacks are reduced and hopefully stopped! Please fight for Responsible Dog Ownership! Please fight for dog owners to be accountable for the behavior of their dogs! Please fight for education about dogs! Please fight for knowledge for yourself about your dogs! Please fight for our safety! Please fight for the safety of our children! Please fight for the safety of our dogs! Please fight for fairness! Please fight against prejudice! [More…]

Oct 062011
Your Dog Has Been Taken By The Law!  What is Normal Behavior Now?

What would you expect from your dog, or any normal dog if some stranger in a uniform came into your home and into your personal space, leaned over you and grabbed you, took you from that home with your family and the love you were used to and placed you in a small cage and took you away from them in a strange vehicle to a strange place.  Then they put you in another cage, albeit a little larger, but likely with [More…]