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Oct 102011
Jagger - The Best Dog Ever! 2003

Public safety is protected when all dog bites and all vicious dog attacks are reduced and hopefully stopped!

Please fight for Responsible Dog Ownership!
Please fight for dog owners to be accountable for the behavior of their dogs!
Please fight for education about dogs!
Please fight for knowledge for yourself about your dogs!
Please fight for our safety!
Please fight for the safety of our children!
Please fight for the safety of our dogs!
Please fight for fairness!
Please fight against prejudice!
Please fight for my dogs!
Please fight for all good dogs!

Please fight against Breed Specific Legislation – It does none of the above!

Please fight for public safety and a world where people and dogs can safely co-exist!

Please treat Assholes as assholes and don’t blame innocent dogs!

Dogs are dogs.  They do  not think as we do.  They can only be taught right and wrong.  They cannot figure it out on their own.  This is our job! This is our responsibility!

Please set aside any fear and read on with an open mind and the voice of reason and kindness in your heart.

When politicians say things like a BSL law protecting the people from Pit Bulls is successful, because the public wanted protection from Pit Bulls, this is typical of someone who is hiding something and misleading the public.  The truth of the problem is being hidden by ulterior motives such as being popular and being able to sell advertising in order to pay for the news.

The real problem is the number of vicious dog attacks and dog bites on innocent people and as a result of unintended consequences as a response to actions of unknowing children/people and unknowing and unprepared dog owners.  It is not fair to blame dogs for any of these issues.  They cannot educate and train themselves. It is our responsibility to protect both dogs and people by ensuring people who own them are knowledgeable and prepared to own a dog.  It is our responsibility to make sure all people have a reasonable understanding of dogs since close to a third or more of the population own dogs.

This seems like basic common sense to me!  It also seems so simple!

Why is it so hidden from everyone?  It is intentionally hidden because this does not have any ability to generate excitement and popularity.

Fear is used everywhere and is common in advertising when it comes to politics.  Personally, attacking people and always stating negative things to be more popular than the other guy, rather than stating your beliefs and why I should vote for you is the method of all popular politicians!  Trying to make me afraid of someone and something they will do disgusts me!

Using fear to be popular and gain control of me disgusts me! It says a lot about someone’s character too! I see this behavior often in politicians. I see it used often by “Big Business” too.

Every day I see the kindness and giving of people.  Every day, I help someone who needs help! This is the side I choose to be on.  This is the behavior I support in people and my dogs.

I hope this kindness can be dedicated to implementing an easy solution to end the number of vicious dog attacks and bites without having to be afraid, without having to kill innocent dogs and traumatize innocent families!

What we need is education of dog owners and the public for their safety and protection.  We need to make sure people who get dogs are capable of owning and caring for a dog. These are simple things to implement without any need for fear.

Fear should never be used as a reason for making a decision and you can never make a good decision as a result of fear.  This is certainly true of all instances of current Breed Specific Legislation.  Bites by dogs are not reduced and vicious dog attacks are not reduced.  The public is not protected and in fact, they are mislead into believing they are. This is more dangerous.

BSL reduces public safety and does nothing to protect us from vicious dogs!

BSL kills innocent dogs and traumatizes innocent families.  This is not protecting our safety!

Please put your fear aside for a moment.  All dogs can be dangerous.  This danger is dependent and determined by us – People!




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