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Dec 192011
The Save Lennox Website 
and the Save Lennox Petition Site

Lennox has been taken by force and removed from his loving home in Belfast without cause since May 2010. There is no evidence to support that he is a banned breed, nor that he is vicious. He is currently awaiting his final appeal hearing.  Although approved to be heard, there is no date set as of yet for the appeal. Please show your support and sign the petition on his behalf. Unfortunately Northern Ireland has not fully implemented the Dangerous Dogs Act that governs the rest of the United Kingdom. It also seems that common sense once again does not apply with BSL. Guilty until proven innocent prevails. Lies do not cause your story to be a lie and thrown out, they are ignored.  Experts are employed who intentionally cause the behavior they wish to see and turn stories however they please without any validity or logic, nor support from any other expert in canine behavior. Will a judge finally have to look at the letter of the law? Perjury and lies are not good enough to destroy a family and cause years of suffering for both the family and their lovable canine companion. Please speak up for a beautiful loving dog and his family.

Richard Ford



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