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Jan 122012
Jimmi and Joey In Sync

What We are doing:
-1 Starters Gamblers run each day indoors for both Jimmi and Joey, first thing in the morning both days.
-Our ultimate goal is to have fun and practice and for them to gain confidence as a result.

-First; I am ecstatic about how well my pups are doing considering the interruptions in my life since the summer of 2010.
-They have endured long periods without training on many occasions.
-They have yet to trial and they are almost as old as Stevie Ray was when she got her AAC Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC) title.
-They both love the game, although Joey is a little more cautious.
-Both display a level of confidence and ability that  even Stevie Ray did not show despite having her ATChC at that age.
-Both have been trained to think when excited and both do, although Jimmi can boil over
-Joey is more likely to get worried and show hesitation
-Jimmi is more likely to crash and burn

The current state of practice for both dogs:
-most practiced obstacles, single jumps (wing and wingless), tunnels, teeter, weave poles and maybe dogwalk.
-contacts, only practiced on 2 different sets of contacts (1 A-Frame)
-A-Frame, practiced 4 times total (2X before Nov. 19, 2X since last weekend (inclusive)
-running Dog Walk, practiced foundation, but only running with obstacles 4 times (2X before Nov. 19, 2X since last weekend (inclusive)
-only seen 2 sets of weave poles
-are great at the weaves they know
-have not seen chute, or tire since last year (before March 19th) and maybe 5 times total.
-have practiced a double jump 2X
-have practiced an ascending spread jump on one occasion
-have only sequenced more than 10 obstacles on one occasion
-have only sequenced obstacles in 2 locations (yard and Highrun Dogsports)
-both are great jumpers, collection and understanding of the job are great

What we are working on:
-desensitization and familiarization
-building our running system (getting ready,running, treating, running again, treating, cool down)
-generalizing and recognizing obstacles
-proofing our relationship and control in trial environment (familiar place)
-proofing obstacle performance and commitment to obstacles
-doing a game called “Gamblers” because I am able to repeat obstacles with them and set our own path for the first 40 seconds

My Bullseye Staffies - Brotherly & Sisterly Love

Richard Ford



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