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Apr 272013

So it is now a forth attack of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia or as it is also referred to as, Canine Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. Dylan started peeing red yesterday and I put her back on prednisone immediately.

I am fairly certain it is lawn care herbicide (weed killer) that many use on their lawns. It is illegal here, but products are all sold and the municipal illegality is not noted at point of sale. I began suspecting these toxins due to the timing, late fall and early spring. People ask many times if it can be allergies, but there is nothing her that naturally occurs twice a year. I suspect it is very similar to an allergic reaction, but instead the toxin in the red blood cells is interpreted as a foreign body and destroyed. Quite successfully, I might add.

All 3 of my both dogs started getting slightly goopy eyes about 5 days ago, which is likely the normal response to the toxic crap in the air. It corresponds with the first doubt I felt on a walk with Dylan about her level of strength on an uphill section. But it was brief and seemed okay on the remainder of the walk and I did not want to be paranoid.

It is not a coincidence all 4 of my dogs have shown a reaction, Dylan’s being the only abnormal one. I have given a lot of thought to the relationship and timing of her attacks and have been seeing people use many types or toxin either in rhe fertilizer rhey are using or in a spray. I have seen the dust from the fertilizer spreaders and tried to avoid it, but I can see it permeate the air and spread everywhere down wind.

In addition, I personally believe the ability of Dylan’s immune system to get confused and attack her red blood cells (they appear as foreign with the toxin embedded in the cell membrane) is from the standard vaccination protocol used on her in her early life. But I think the chemicals in the air are permeating all of my dog’s bodies and quite likely are embedded in the membranes of their cells, including red blood cells possibly. I live in a toxic world!



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