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May 032013
Dog Dylan says; WTF!

Let’s start with an assumption, mother nature never designed the immune system to protect us from chemicals or even to work under these toxic conditions. This has occurred over just the last 50 years or so and this can hardly be called a normal time line for the adaptation of the immune system. Rather than calling Dylan’s immune response abnormal, I am calling it normal and it is the toxic man made chemicals on the ground and in the air that are abnormal.

The purpose of immunity is two-fold, Firstly to protect the species itself and secondly to protect the individual. It is the ability of the immune system to interpret new conditions as an attack and defend against it. Defending against new invaders requires it to take chances on occasion, responding to new conditions uniquely, mutations, etc. It is my opinion that this is what is happening with Dylan. The problem is the first assumption, toxic chemicals and their impact on immunity. These toxic chemicals get into the lungs and body through penetrable tissues and embed themselves in the membranes of cells and her body mistakenly interprets this as foreign. But is this not foreign?

Maybe it’s not a mistake? Maybe this is how it is supposed to work. Her body is guessing that the new structure of the RBC membrane, which is most certainly not what it was before the toxic agent embedded itself in the membrane of her cells, is foreign as maybe it should in order to protect the species.

Her response has always appeared to be a healthy immune response, just misdirected. Her response is bad for the individual in this case, but taking a chance is critical for the survival of the species if this were a new agent or new form of attack. This is how species survive things like the plague and HIV for example.

What mother nature has never had to contend with over the millions of years life has been on this planet, is the influence of humankind. In our brilliance and in well documented isolation, we come up with and our brilliant new ideas. Then we deploy them on mass in a world full of other concoctions and creations.

We are brilliant! Then we let those that create and push these new concoctions think the world is still perfect and everything should be the same as it once was. And we label everything else unusual, abnormal, or diseased!

What the…?

Something is wrong with this picture! Maybe Dylan’s response to the toxic yards she walks through is different and it is unusual and rare and deadly compared to those that have no issue. And maybe her response to the toxic world is also normal and our incessant need to make the perfect world by endless manipulation without a true understanding of the consequences is just plain wrong!



Richard Ford, My Bullseye View

I have devoted much of my time for more than a decade, dedicated to learning the behavior of my canine friends and their owners and sharing that with others either through education, or training. I have observed and studied both the behavior of people and their dogs during every day life, during training, and in particular, during the performance of trained behavior in public, or at specific events for dogs and their owners. In addition to training behavior in dogs and people, I am often asked to help deal with stress and anxiety, or fear related issues of dogs in every day life, or specifically for performance activities. More recently, I have also been consulting people with very specific health issues in their dogs and assisting them specifically in saving the life of their beloved friend.

  2 Responses to “Immunity and IMHA – Just another normal?”

  1. Hi Richard,
    first of all I am so glad Dylan is beating this beast again! She is one strong girl. I find your theory very interesting and absolute plausible. I remember being surprised when Dylan got sick the first time, how quick she recovered. I have honestly not heard that many times. I think I even commented if she could have been poisoned by something. Great minds…:) The question is now, how do you prevent an other attack? Not taking her out? Cruel and no guarantee. Putting her on a small dose of prednisone? Not a great solution either, but maybe your only option? I usually run my dogs in the bush where I am not worried about toxins. Today we went to a groomed park, I was not comfortable at all. I need to find out what they use to keep that grass so nice and green and weed free, before we go there again:( Take good care and all the best, Brigitte

    • My plan is like yours, there is a park nearby where I know the City does not spray or use chemically treated fertilizer. It means I have to get in my car every time we go for a walk, but given how certain I am, this is my only decent choice and it is not far. Dylan loves walking, so we will walk where there is less grass, no houses at all and where it is illegal for the city to chemically treat. Since they made the law, it is a reasonable assumption that they obey it too.

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