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Jan 302014
Dog Dylan says; WTF!

I think I make it pretty obvious how unhappy I am with our human nature to poison the Earth. Carl Sagan warned us of using pretend science to approve everything and not understanding the choices and consequences of this. ““This combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces.”

Carl Sagan’s last TV Interview:

We allow all decisions of safety to come down to lobbies and money and the “science’ behind them without ever understanding the meaning of the evidence presented, or the methods and their limitations and without ever understanding the consequences of the mistakes we inevitably make. We allow science to be used without skepticism or understanding, blindly and with almost complete ignorance.

No one is protecting the health of us or our dogs, period! Politicians have no education or ability that would allow them to evaluate scientific findings and make such critical decisions impacting the health of everyone that are exposed to the consequences of these decisions.There are countless examples of critical health decisions being made without validity and accountability.

IMHA and the countless manifestations of autoimmune disease in general have only one cure, in my opinion. We have to stop poisoning the earth and convince everyone else to do so as well! We have innumerable ways of accomplishing sales, revenue and profit of toxic substances, thousands and thousands of which are deemed safe and tested under scientific circumstances which in no way reflect reality. And tobacco science is the root problem.

There is only one way to stop the cycle now, maybe. Mankind does not understand the cost of this toxic approach. There is no way to overcome this disease, or any of the related autoimmune diseases with money, or research thanks to the countless things that impact them.

Just my opinion from what I have seen and learned over the last 25 year. There will be a “correction” one day soon! But no thanks to ourselves as a race and too late for Dylan and many others though.

Sorry if I sound cynical, but I learned of global warming and climate change in the ’70’s! I am more convinced now than ever, just as I am regarding toxic products sold as safe and their impact, or toxins forced on us through law even (aka vaccination).

I hate going down this road and I won’t bring up this fatalistic view again if I can. But it exists inside me every day. Human beings are the problem!



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  1. Hi Richard, I have a 10 year old beagle (Rocky) that was diagnosed with IMHA. He’s been healthy full of energy his whole life. We recently moved from the suburbs into the city of Philadelphia. I take him out for walks and to the dog park everyday until Feb 18, 2014. I notice he ate lots of dirt from out plant pot. Next morning he vomited so.e of the dirt out. FEB 19th, took him out for a walk, he didn’t want to walk but constantly licking dirt off the sidewalk. Took him into the vet and they ran all kinds of test. Did superchem, cbc and found him anemic. His Bun/creatinine ratio was high, potassium was high, calcium low, platelet count high. And everything else was in the normal range. Even the white blood cell. (The vet never mention anything other than he’s anemic and suggested i do the rest of the following test): Vector borne disease, X-ray, ultrasound. Everything came back normal. Then they kept pushing for vaccines and I told them I do not want to vaccinate until rocky is feeling better and know for certain what’s going on with him. They then suggest I do the bone marrow biopsy with specialist and at this point Rocky was getting very stressed out because I was never allow to be with him during all these tests. Feb 28th, doc calls and said good news is Rocky doesn’t have cancer, but bad news is his anemia is likely immune mediated. He has gotten 2 blood transfusion before he was started on Prednisone and Azathioprene he had his 3rd transfusion a few days after they started him on meds. Now we are dealing with the side effects of these drug. Please help. Sometimes I can feel Rocky is trying to tell me something. I know he hate going to the vet because once he’s in there they wont allow me to be with him. Last time he came home with severe diarrhea.

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