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Sep 262014
Dog Dylan says; WTF!

So straight out, lets say I’m not happy about my toxic world!

Below is a link to an article that started my day in my world of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) and the death and destruction it causes on a great number of lives!

These are my thoughts that followed on a post in a group of people with dogs suffering through IMHA.

Richard Ford: I don’t believe the coincidence crap and I don’t believe the producer can say with certainty it is safe. They just need to be able to deny cause. And what they call safe and what we with dying dogs call safe are two different things. They don’t care if only 1/1000 or 1/10,000 who take it die from it. But those of us with sick dogs absolutely do! This is not about safety and our dogs. It is about sales, revenue, profit and legal liability. None of the chemicals are approved for true safety! I have seen this consistently! The fact is that sooner or later everyone will be sick and die from some crap that is safe. How the hell do you get to 1/3 or 1/2 dogs die of cancer or 1/5 have autoimmune disease of some sort without it being true? It’s certainly not natural and not nature!

Richard Ford: Don’t worry though, “it’s just business!” And I would prefer this to be a public conversation. Keeping it private just perpetuates the problem, in my opinion!

Richard Ford: And the good news for all of the producers of this toxic crap, is that there is so much of it out there that they can all say “it wasn’t us.” “It isn’t our product, but something else!!!” You can say I have had enough and that yes I am upset! Having to fight to save my dogs, isolate them, feed them at great cost, research everything and be completely paranoid has made my life less enjoyable to say the least!

Richard Ford: The idea that vets would not prescribe it if it wasn’t safe is ludicrous. This implies they are looking at these products as potential causes and they are certainly not. For many, their only knowledge of the product comes from the sales people and the pamphlets from the manufacturers. They are so indoctrinated they tell people to stop taking natural supplements and are afraid of natural supplements that they look past the toxins to the things the propaganda tells them to be afraid of. I am a behavior specialist and see patterns in behavior extremely well. I see this pattern constantly and consistently. Some vets are very good, but many have their head up their ass! Only once it is banned will some vets stop prescribing it. There are Vets out there who say vaccines are 100% safe and we know factually that they are not!

Richard Ford: And sorry if my tone offends anyone, but after almost four years of IMHA and watching hundreds of dogs suffer and die, I am angry! Another friend of mine began their IMHA fight this week!

Richard Ford: And this is the world we have made for our children and not just our dogs.

Richard Ford: Speaking scientifically, as a former scientist and highly trained in scientific methodology; scientific methods cannot detect issues with incident rates below 1/1000 and in fact due to sample sizes, likely higher. So if you put thousands of products out on the market claiming to be safe, obviously the math means everyone gets sick. And the fact that they admit and have seen vomiting and other symptoms in their perfectly protected and artificial world, means they know there are problems. Obviously again and as is always the case, some will be more reactive than others, so extrapolation of symptoms to more severe symptoms in larger populations that live in a toxic environment, unlike the lab and limited clinical trials, is to be expected. The fact that as a society we think otherwise, is proof of the indoctrinated view we have.

Richard Ford: And that is all before I even consider that all of the science that support safety of products is produced AND funded by companies with bias and a vested interest. I left science in the ’90s partially because of the bias being pushed on me in a University lab by funding that was coming from a pharmaceutical company. This is not a new problem. Tobacco science is a real problem and not just in the tobacco industry. But they have tons of money; don’t worry, smoking is safe!

Richard Ford: In Dylan’s case I absolutely believe that the chemicals “cause”/”caused” the problem. I say “caused” because I am hoping I don’t see another attack because Dylan lives in a toxin reduced bubble now.

I don’t believe Dylan’s immune response is abnormal or diseased. Her body is supposed to recognize foreign attacks it has never seen before and attack the invader. Red blood cells modified by the presence of toxin are seen as foreign and rightly so. How can a few decades of exposure change thousands of years of development of the immune system? Why would we assume the immune system should be able to differentiate between toxin induced changes and normal and if it cannot, it is diseased? Again a ludicrous assumption.

I can’t speak for every case or every trigger/cause, there are far too many individual differences to over generalize, but it is my strong belief that toxins “cause” the problem!

Richard Ford: This all reminds me of “The Matrix” and now I wish I had taken the blue pill and could go back to living in my fantasy world.



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  2 Responses to “Do we live in “The Matrix?””

  1. A BIG THANKS to your article & pictures of Dylan. I saw my dog in yours.He ,who I called Puppy & the name stuck (a stray mixed lab ) was heaven sent in 2007 before I lost both my parents to bladder cancer, guesstimated to be 9-10 yrs old. Kept indoors but enjoyed an occasional bask in the sun,loved to run with his short lived companion who died of what the vets said was diabetes (which now I wonder) in Oct. 2014 at the age 5 yrs. Both were taken for their yearly vaccines but TIGGER was hopitalized the very next day and passed on his 10th day stay. I always felt it was the vaccines that played a part in his passing. Puppy was always more laid back but when he lost interest in eating (May 2016) I took him in & was given the diagnosis AIHA.Put on cytoxan,prednisone , pepcid & doxycycline. On April23 2016 He was laying on his bed urinating profusely practically parilized. I assumed he was nearing the end. I found your article & I took it upon myself to stop the meds. & saw improvement later that day & by that evening he was able to stand on his own. Every day seems to be better thanks to you. I’m not getting my hopes up but for the day I feel like he is almost his old self and appears to not be in pain. I am so sorry for your loss. I believe he had the best life possible because of you.

    • Although there are several meds I would stop instantly, prednisone needs a cautious approach. Depending how long they are on and how their adrenal glands recover. And the role of yyour vet is absolutely important, if you disagree with them, find another; but I could not have saved mine on my own. WE chose together, with me fighting to remove it faster than she wanted to, yes, and I did prove to be good at it and always had her support, but that is a little different than just dropping all meds on your own. Force your vet to drop doxycycline, get off pred quickly if you think it was a temporary thing (acute exposure), but get them to do it for you too, tell them you will drop it and force them to reduce it if you have to (I tend to work positively with mine, but she is smart and educated similarly and I have worked with her for 20 years), but keep talking to them.

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