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Bullseye View

Bullseye View and Bullseye Performance are founded from the passion of dogs by Richard Ford, M.Sc.

It is the goal of this site to provide up-to-date information on the care and guardianship of our canine companions.  All information on this site will inform and promote excellent canine health care and canine health, excellent relationships between dogs and their guardians, training behavior with positive and rewarding methods and performance based on confidence and trust.

Health, relationship, behavior and performance provide a critical foundation for you and your dog. In addition, they are key to providing a safe environment for us to co-exist.  These are the foundation of Bullseye Performance.  Bullseye View is your portal to success with your canine companion, whether you just enjoy a casual day-to-day relationship, or are involved in dog activities, which demand a strong foundation for success.  Every dog is unique, as is every relationship between a dog and their guardian, or guardians who care for it, as is the journey you have undertaken.  Remember to enjoy every moment.

Please feel free to comment and criticize, to question, to ask questions, to inform and to learn.  Everyone learns more with time and discussion amongst peers and experts. Over this time our views may change, but the goal remains the same.  To do the best we can for our canine companions.  Each day I continue to try to be better than I was before.  There is no blame for things past, only effort and reward for things we do now and in the future.

Please be responsible for your dog.  Please care for your dog as best you can.  Please supervise, lead and train your dog. Please do what is best for their health and their minds. Please have fun and, like your dog, enjoy “now” with them.

It is also the goal of this site to inform you of great stories of canine care, training and performance, as well as other stories about not-so great canine care and training and performance.  Hopefully we can all benefit from the stories of other canine companions, their guardians and their fans.

Richard Ford

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Richard received his Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Calgary in 1988 after initially receiving his B.Sc. (Honours) form the University of Calgary in 1985.  After 6 years of post graduate work in Neuroscience in the Physiology Department at the University of British Columbia, he moved on to utilize his psychology and technical skills in the world of Information Technology.  There were special dogs at the time, like Misty – owned by  John Force. Completely untrained at the outset, the relationship progressed to become very close and much more responsible with a lot of needed self control on her part. Misty was very special and in some ways opened the door to the future of Dogs.

Then, one thing changed everything :-)

Jagger, The Best Dog Ever!  The rest is history!

Richard’s primary focus in the canine world is in canine behavior.  Observing and understanding behavior and using that to provide excellent health care to his dogs and assist where possible with other canine guardians and their dogs. Observing your dog and knowing them well is not only helpful in training behavior and performance, but also most certainly in your relationship with them and in providing the best health care possible. Knowing your dog can truly make a difference and may save their life one day.

In addition to the observation and understanding of canine behavior, Richard’s skills include behavior modification, fear desensitization, reward based training (operant conditioning, including clicker training) and performance of behavior that is stress free and confident.  Richard is experienced with performance canine training (including handlers) and methods for creating confident and driven dogs; fear desensitization and shaping behavior with confidence, including shaping cognitive skills such as attention and focus; excitement and calmness; desire, determination and drive; reducing environmental stress and anxiety; and performing activities under pressure.

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  1. Saw your AMHA video. I, too, have had to lift my dog (120# Akita) with towels during her bouts w/ AMHA and delt with the massive water weight gain on Pred. During this last round, she gained 20# in 30 days. After 30 days on Pred, her blood work is (almost) perfect, so we are weaning her off 2x/day Pred & replacing w/ 2x/wk Azathioprine. I added Iron tablets & calcium (thrombocytopenia). She was on a mix of dry + can food. I now make her ‘can’ food. A mix of chicken, liver, fish, & vegetables. Yes, it takes time- but my girl is worth it! She’s losing her ‘wiggly-Pred-belly’, her gum color is good and she’s more active. I hope that this may help Dylan & others struggling w/ AMHA.


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